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Welcome to Valhalla Primary School

Trust the young people; trust this generation's innovation.

Valhalla English Medium Primary School was built in 1964 and opened it's doors in January 1965. The school was officially opened by Dr. A.J. Koen, Director of the then Transvaal Education Department.

Finance Business
About Valhalla Primary School

We understand the importance of putting clients on the right path.

In our School Creed (1965), we regard the following as important:
1. To regard each and every day as a gift from our creator.
2. To Live our lives as well as we are able.
3. To ensure that our word is our honor.

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No. of Weeks : 11, Actual School Days: 51, Public Holidays:9 August 2018 – National Women’s Day,24 September 2018 – Heritage Day

Stationery List 2018

It is compulsory that your child wears an official school uniform to school

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The Ages and Stages Approach to Discipline,Discipline is / Punishment is,Stealing


Valhalla Primary School strives to create a happy, safe environment which will empower learners to become multi-skilled, self-reliant individuals.
We endeavour to engender a strong sense of uniqueness in our learners and an awareness of the needs of the others.

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