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We endeavour to engender a strong sense of uniqueness

Valhalla English Medium Primary School was built in 1964 and opened it's doors in January 1965. The school was officially opened by Dr. A.J. Koen, Director of the then Transvaal Education Department.
In our School Creed (1965), we regard the following as important:
1. To regard each and every day as a gift from our creator.
2. To Live our lives as well as we are able.
3. To ensure that our word is our honor.
4. Never to disgrace or embarrass our parents by wrongful actions.
5. To serve and not want to be served. What counts most is life is what we do for others.
6. Be generous with praise, cautious with criticism and considerate of others' feelings.
7. Be thoughtful of the opinion of others. There's three sides to every story - yours, the other person's & the right one.
8. To look for the good in others and to forget the evil.
9. To smile and be cheerful.
10. Never be ashamed to acknowledge a mistake.

Valhalla Primary School strives to create a happy, safe environment which will empower learners to become multi-skilled, self-reliant individuals.
We endeavour to engender a strong sense of uniqueness in our learners and an awareness of the needs of the others.


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Valhalla is our school
With colours White and blue,
We obey its every rule,
And to its name are true,
Within its walls we learn
That hard work is the way
To make the clear light burn,
Of knowledge gained each day.

And when we leave its shelter
Our ways may lead us far.
And all that we have learnt here
Will show up what we are.
We’ll carry, like a banner,
The name of our school,
With every word and manner
Proclaims to all – Our School

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