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School Uniform Requirements


Grade R Stationary List 2018


  • Please do not cover any books at home
  • Mark all items individually with your child’s name and surname
  • It is compulsory that your child wears an official school uniform to school

Your child has to have all these items at the end of the FIRST WEEK of school. No child will be allowed to borrow anything from another child.
Only send thick wax crayons and the colouring book with your child on the first day of school.
Should your child run out of stationery items, teachers will inform you about it
– please replenish any items that are needed
– if your child takes good care of the stationery items, it shouldn’t be necessary.

Grade 1 Stationary List 2018
Grade 2 Stationary List 2018
Grade 3 Stationary List 2018
Grade 4 Stationary List 2018
Grade 5 Stationary List 2018
Grade 6 Stationary List 2018
Grade 7 Stationary List 2018

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