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School Governing Body

Promote the best interest of the school and ensure its development

SGB Members

A SGB must ensure that the school is governed in the best interest of all the stakeholders. All SGB members must always put the best interest of the school before any personal interests.

Mr MJ Raboshakga
Mr MJ RaboshakgaThe SGB Chairman
Mr SM Mofamadi
Mr SM MofamadiThe SGB Treasurer
Mr NS Rashisoso
Mr NS RashisosoSGB Parent Compoment
Mr LM Mnisi
Mr LM MnisiThe Deputy Chair
Ms M N Malefo
Ms M N MalefoThe Principal
Mr P Masekela
Mr P MasekelaThe SGB Secretary
Mrs A Jacobs
Mrs A JacobsSGB Teacher Component
Ms LP Hlaba
Ms LP Hlaba The SGB Deputy Secretary
Mrs C Shitlane
Mrs C ShitlaneSGB Teacher Component
The South African Schools Act stipulates that a SGB must:
  • Promote the best interest of the school and ensure its development
  • Adopt a constitution setting out how the SGB will operate
  • Adopt a mission statement for the school
  • Adopt a code of conduct for learners at the school which sets out disciplinary procedures
  • Help the principal, educators and other staff members to perform their professional functions
  • Decide on school policy which should include amongst others admissions, language and finance
  • Administer and control the property of the school, buildings and grounds
  • Encourage parents, learners, educators and other staff members at the school, to offer voluntary services to the school
The SGB may apply to the Head of Department, in writing requesting to be allocated any of the following functions:
Some key responsibilities of the SGB are:
The SGB of a special school should be composed as follows:

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